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Teaching Philosophy


Teaching and mentoring students is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. My teaching philosophy is guided by three goals:
1) Challenge and Motivate: I strive to motivate my students to challenge both the reasoning and evidence that underpins existing scholarship and to improve upon it.
2) Include and Empower: I ask students to learn by doing, havingthem apply research skills in a variety of contexts. This approach improves self-efficacy for all students, but it is critical for students from underrepresented backgrounds who may be less likely to see themselves as potential researchers, empowering them to ask and answer important questions.
3) Support and Grow: I focus on fostering an environment where students from diverse backgrounds get the support they need to grow into the most capable version of themselves.

Undergraduate Classes

Doctoral Classes

Security and Political Economy (SPEC) Lab


For information on my work with the Security and Political Economy Lab, see the SPEC Lab website. 

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